Online Branding : 24x7x365xLifeTime

'What brands can do brilliantly is broker change in people's lives.' – John Grant

Does a brand sleep, take leaves, or go on sabbaticals? Does the Internet? They both don't. A brand is a living, breathing entity which complements the entire life cycle of a product, service, or experience. Which is why Brand Management is a 24x7x365xLifeTime job!

With almost all brands trying to get their SOV (Share of Voice) on the digital platform, here's a list of the top 5 key phrases to keep in mind while engaging customers in the online space:

1. Greet them. Every day.

Share an inspiring thought or a motivating story. Or simply, say Good Morning. If you smile at your customers, they'll smile back!

2. Do not intrude your customer's space

Unless you wish to agitate your customer, do not spam his online real estate. Over-enthusiasm may backfire. Allow space to breathe. Claude Debussy very wisely observed 'Music is the silence between the notes.'

3. Create a Conversation Strategy

While you do this, remember that conversation implies talking AND listening. If either of these is missing, you'd soon be talking to a wall, not a human being.

4. Empower the Customer

It could be a scoop on the latest economic policy, the most exciting technological advancement or a never-heard-before Inspiring Story of an Entrepreneur. When you share rich pieces of knowledge and information, you're giving your customers an opportunity to enrich their learning and hopefully, share it with someone.

5. Brand Management is AKA Experience Management

Your designation might as well be 'Chief Bandwidth Hogger' or 'Social Media Geek' since you're always flooding your official pages with updates. However, if it does not create a rewarding experience for your customer, he may ignore you the next time or worse, break up with you. And in most cases, break ups are irrevocable with no 'Undo' option.

'The future of brands is, in many ways, the future of business. Well-managed brands are the most efficient and effective creators of sustainable wealth.' – Richard Cordiner

Haresh Motirale
Founder Director, Brandniti



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