Joyce Motirale


A natural leader with extensive experience of 20 years, Joyce brings tremendous value to the team with her expertise across domains such as Designs, Fashion Trends, Marketing, Positioning, Branding, Visualization, etc. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Mumbai, she started her career with (Hinduja Group) as a Design Specialist. Moving forward, she held different positions and contributed to transforming brands in various capacities.

Joyce acquired a Bachelor's degree in Fashion/Apparel Design from Mumbai Fashion Academy. She holds the position of Director at Brandniti and Bold & Bae Fashion and has made significant contributions towards Curating Designs, Fabric, Visualisation of Concepts, Web Applications, UI & UX, Motion Graphics, Animation, Sound Editing, Video Editing, etc. Prior to Brandniti and Bold & Bae, Joyce has worked with Agencies such as Communicate2 (iProspect) & PureTech as a Senior Visualizer.

She is an expert in formulating winning branding and marketing strategies for brands across industries. She is also responsible for the timely launches and execution of projects which can be attributed to her exceptional operational acumen. With an exceptional flair for creativity, she has been a guiding force and mentor for her team members.



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