About Us

Our Culture

Brandniti+Design is proud of a culture that we have not just created over the years but also live by diligently, every day.

Our culture emphasizes customer centricity, collaboration, and perfection. The very foundation of our company is based on integrity that we practice and actions that we take to live up to our commitments.


The team that works
together, excels together!

We are a bunch of workaholics who have come together with one common passion – love for advertising. Coming together to deliver only the best is our winning mantra and deep-rooted belief. We may differ in our opinions and execution styles but we never run out of zeal, good intent and ways to find common grounds, so that client’s interests are met, every time.

Get together, to join our team send us your profile at hr@brandniti.com


Our edge
over others

We are not small in capacity, that we fail to deliver as per our clients’ expectations.
We are however not big enough to be busy for brands which are not MNCs or come with deep pockets!
We come as a relief to the small-to-medium size businesses, start-ups which are seeking branding and communication services but can’t afford the fees of A-line agencies.
With our undeviating commitments and clear understanding of the tricks of the media business, we bridge the gap very efficiently. Our agile and flexible approach make us a perfect strategic partner for businesses across the industries irrespective of their sizes. This we take as our biggest plus point that we have remained the trusted partner for our clients over the years, which we consider a reward no less than an award own at some function.
We have perfected our services in a manner that ensures the best return on our client’s advertisement investments. Be it media campaigns or creative services, be it realistic Render services or content marketing, we have it all optimized for results through our dedicated approach and subject matter understanding.



Brandniti+Design - A Regenti Media Pvt. Ltd. Venture is a full service independent strategic agency focused on guaranteed results through maximizing innovation in designs. It started off with the vision of its Founders Ms. Smita Thorat & Mr. Haresh Motirale, of being a one stop shop for all strategic marketing and branding needs of brands requiring a vision shift and turns it around. An amalgamation of strategic thinking and design optimization Brandniti+Design promises to deliver to the mark solutions for brands diverse domains with a 360 degree approach.

Ms. Smita Thorat
Founder Director

She brings on board her immense experience of over 13 years in real estate marketing, advertising, architecture, structured finance across the project cycle.


Mr. Haresh Motirale
Founder Director

Haresh believes that strategies aren't merely fanciful power point presentations but is in devising end to end solution - hence presenting immense value to the clients.


It takes just a moment to fill up a form but that moment can make all the difference in your business!